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Melita Polski

Who is Melita Polski?

She’d tell you that it’s not really important who is she, but rather what she stands for. From a young age Melita has known that appearances can be deceiving and that the world of the light hides many secrets that are revealed in the shadows. Melita is the daughter of “Bobby” Hako CEO of the mega-conglomerate Pol Corp. The company was started by her maternal grandfather Melito Polski, her namesake.

Melita grew up in the lap of luxury and is no stranger to high society. She knows that underneath the glossy surface there’s a darker underbelly. That includes her and her father as well. But hey, she never claimed to be innocent in all this. By day Melita works as a gallery curator in downtown New Froot City, but as for her evening activities -- well, that’s classified. Melita wouldn’t necessarily call what she deals out justice, but it’s close enough. Sometimes it seems like the system is set up to reward all the wrong types of people, and for all the wrong reasons.

No one does anything about it. No one even thinks it’s wrong. It’s just the way it is. The way it always has been. Not anymore it’s not.