YO! Check it. This is Goofy Froot.

What is Goofy Froot
(I pity the fool who isn’t hip to the Goofy Froot.)

OK. Don’t get your peel twisted. Here’s the sitch…

We’re the fruits and veggies that are too live for the produce aisle.
Too turnt up for yo’ bagged lunch, and too ripe to spruce up that soggy cereal.

We’re better known for our loud personalities than our nutritional value,
each one of us rocking a unique style, groove, and attitude.
To make it simple, if you googled “who invented bling?” you’d find our photo.

We also star in the Goofy Froot comic.

One Love.
Over and Out.
Keep it G.
(Shout out to Chil Pepper.)

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